Are you a Mum searching for Child Friendly options for Work? 

You love your little one(s) with all your heart but want to return to work, part or full time.

Whether it’s for financial reasons or because you want a balance of work and family life, running your own children’s music classes combines the two perfectly and makes for a happy you.

Sound good so far?

Perhaps you’ve joined a children’s music class and thought
I can do that’ well you’re right, YOU CAN!                                       

With the correct training, backing and ongoing support from a well-established reliable family brand of children’s music YOU CAN DO IT!

Music Bus has been providing classes for families, nurseries, parties and events for 20 years this year, yay! With oodles of experience to know when the best time to join the Team is, I can safely say it’s NOW

Join at one of the BUSIEST Times of the Year!

Joining now means you can take full advantage of all the families searching for a new activity to do with their little one for 2019. The weather’s fffreezing and everyone wants a fun and sociable activity in the warm that both parent and child will enjoy together and that benefits both of them.

With 20 years experience and expertise we’ll have you trained and ready to open your first classes in just a matter of weeks, and guess what…if it suits you, you can take your baby or toddler with you!

The Importance of Friendship

We have lots of first time mums looking for a weekly fun class to take their baby to, and, to make new friends for themselves, it’s a big transition giving up work and finding yourself at home responsible for this helpless little baby, we understand that, we’re mums too:)

That’s where the fantastic structure of our classes makes us such a popular choice, giving mums the support, encouragement and most of all friendship they so desperately need. After the music time we feature a half hour social time within each class where mums can chat over a cuppa and cake whilst their little ones happily play with the toys and a snack.

Having this opportunity to share experiences, chat and make new friends and knowing you’re not alone is so important and the friendships made now so often go on to last a lifetime, I can vouch for that!

Brand New Features!

In addition to this great support, we are about to launch a BRAND NEW innovative feature for our parents which we know they’ll love and embrace and that will make Music Bus classes stand out even more…shhh can’t tell you here;)

Care Homes

We added our visits to Care Homes to our portfolio in 2018 which we cover in detail during training and are a welcome feature from both families and care homes alike.

Family Festivals

Our Family Festival portfolio is forever growing with 2018 seeing us at major UK festivals including Jamie Oliver and Alex James’s The Big Feastival and WOMAD, as well as many smaller festivals including Port Eliot and Bognormania.

If you want to make 2019 YOUR YEAR, and benefit from a rewarding flexible family friendly business earning up to £500 per week or more, working part time during school hours, get in touch today.


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