Music Bus Classes

A Fun Filled Hour of Music and Play

Music Bus classes are different. At Music Bus we aim to give the very best for you and your child which is why a Music Bus class features a thirty minute music workshop followed by a half hour social time providing the perfect opportunity for you and your child to relax, meet new people and make new friends at your regular weekly music session. We even provide you with FREE Fairtrade and Organic refreshments, so enjoy!


An early introduction to music and singing

At Music Bus we believe an early introduction to music brings enormous benefits to your child’s development. Singing songs from an early age helps develop their speech and language skills, memory and numeracy, whilst playing simple instruments improves hand-eye coordination, movement and fine motor skills. Doing this in a group environment is perfect for your child’s social skills and builds their confidence. Children love Music Bus and you’ll love it too.

Age Dedicated Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers

Music Bus run exciting music and singing classes for babies and children from birth to 5 years. Our music sessions are lively, interactive and lots of fun and have been professionally developed to make sure both you and your child get the very best from your regular weekly activity. We run classes in four age groups.


music bus with jamie oliver at the big feastival

Parents and Carers Information

For further details about how Music Bus classes can benefit your child or children follow the links above and take a look at our parent and carer pages:

Parent Information

Childminder Information