How we can Help Your Nursery

At Music Bus we know that you strive to deliver the best possible provision for the children in your care. We’re also aware of the constraints you face as nursery manager or owner running a successful childcare setting; the daily juggling act to ensure the children are happy whilst satisfying the demands of the early years goals and managing time, staff and budgets

That’s why we’ve developed a way to make life easier for you, 4 ways in fact, we provide Nurseries with –

  • Regular Music Classes
  • Music Training for your staff
  • The Nursery Music Class in a Box™
  • Music Bus Parties

Music Bus Nursery Classes

Music Bus have been providing music sessions in nurseries  for nearly 20 years, since 1999.
The fun and lively classes support EYFS guidelines and give you the benefit of having a trained Early Years Music Professional take care of your music activities. Age dedicated classes and a progressive curriculum that ties in with your academic calendar take the pressure off organising your weekly music sessions.
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Music Bus Nursery Training

Would you benefit from some fresh ideas to use in your music sessions, and extensive knowledge and expertise so that you can run classes that are both fun, educational and inspiring?… Music Bus Training Workshops are practical, creative and fun. Professionally trained and experienced teachers and a comprehensive training programme combine to help you deliver excellence in singing and music sessions for your children, making learning fun with puppets and props and helping you provide the very best music for your babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Click on the red heading below for further information.

The Nursery Music Class in a Box™

Brand new is The Nursery Music Class in a Box™ by Music Bus.

This gives you the complete kit and training package to enable you and your staff to deliver first class music sessions in a fun and stimulating environment. The Nursery Music Class in a Box™ is fully comprehensive and includes all the equipment plus the training video (or full days training workshop) to explain how to get the best use from it. The equipment includes a large set of instruments, props, puppets, dance scarves, tapsticks, parachute and pom poms, storyboard and artwork,songbook and all the lesson plans you need for the whole year, with inclusion into a private Facebook group too if you choose, and the added option of regular ongoing training and support.

The Music Bus Nursery Music Class in a Box™ is a unique new way to guarantee your nursery setting provides the very best music sessions for the children in your care. Click here for further information.

Music Bus Parties

If you’re planning a Party for your setting let Music Bus take care of it! Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion, a new opening or a Christmas Party Music Bus will make the occasion a very special event to remember! (As well as making your job a whole lot easier too!)


Come and join the fun!

For further information about any of our services for nurseries, including prices, get in touch. I look forward to discussing how we can work together.