How do You CALM Your Baby?

Many of us talk to babies to soothe and calm them but did you know Singing calms your baby for longer than talking?

Research into the effects of talking and singing to babies has come up with very interesting results. Professor Isabelle Peretz  at the University of Montreal undertook a study in 2015 and found that babies remained calm twice as long when they listened to a song, which they didn’t even know, as to when they were listening to speech.

“Emotional self-control is obviously not developed in infants, and we believe singing helps babies and children develop this capacity.” Says Peretz

The study featured thirty healthy babies between six and nine months old.

“Our findings leave little doubt about the efficacy of singing nursery rhymes for maintaining infants’ composure for extended periods,” Peretz said. “Even in the relatively sterile environment of the testing room-black walls, dim illumination, no toys, and no human visual or tactile stimulation–the sound of a woman singing prolonged infants’ positive or neutral states and inhibited distress.”

Important Findings

These findings are significant especially as Western mothers, in particular, speak a lot more often than they sing to their children, thus missing out on the emotional benefits for their baby’s well being that comes with singing.

Children First

`At Music Bus we make sure everyone’s comfortable with singing, (another great benefit of featuring traditional nursery rhymes and songs in the main) and we join in together with the singing as a group.
Babies love nothing more than to hear their own mum and dad’s voice, you’re the BEST!

We designed our popular collection of songs and music from your infants point of view. Working alongside a child psychologist, musicians and parents with their young meant we were able to carefully choose and put together our collection of songs to share with you, our families.

These songs include all the essential elements for a ‘happy song’ for your little one that also aids their healthy development. From repetition, necessary for your child to learn, to a fast and steady tempo, key changes, and a simple rhythm, your child will love to hear then naturally start to move to, sing, and play along as you enjoy making music together. What can be more rewarding for the two of you!

Take a look at this short clip.

Music Bus Song Library For You and Your Baby

Our extensive collection of fabulous songs is available for YOU, our families at Music Bus, to download and enjoy together outside of Class, supporting your baby and child’s musical journey and continued development. Click here for our A-Z of songs

children dancing at music bus

Have Fun Together and Support Baby’s development

So my message to You, Mums and Dads, based on 19 years experience teaching baby and toddler music classes is start singing with your baby as soon as they’re born and develop a repertoire of songs you enjoy together as part of your daily routine; whether changing a nappy, pushing the pram, preparing dinner, at bath time or getting them dressed, you’ll find it so rewarding when you see their faces light up and hear those early unique sounds as they ‘join in’, and all the while you’re supporting their healthy development and wellbeing.

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