Music Bus is well known for its wonderfully engaging music sessions with parents and their little ones but this month they attracted a rather different audience.

 Take a look at what Jenny, our Franchisee in Taunton, has been getting up to…

After recently seeing video clips of young children visiting care homes to chat and play games with the residents and the positive effect this had lifting the residents moods, I wanted to get involved at Music Bus.

So I popped a post on my area Facebook page to gauge interest from my Music Bus families and see if we could get together and visit care homes locally and bring a bit of happiness into their day. The response I had was AMAZING, I was blown away, so many families wanted to get involved! So last Monday we experienced our first outing to a residential Home in Taunton.

1 – 103 Years Old!

I arrived to be greeted by a few of the residents and the manager, all very excited. As my families arrived more residents joined us and we soon had a lovely group of old and young together, with ages spanning over 100 years in total, from 1-103 years, wow, this was going to be FUN!

The children were a little wary at first but soon started to relax and chatted with the residents. I myself was unsure how it would go not having ever done anything like this before.

I needn’t have worried.

We began with singing together, then dancing and shaking our shakers!

The children were amazing, singing loudly, getting up and dancing, thoroughly enjoying themselves laughing and smiling, handing out instruments to each of the lovely ladies who were simply brilliant. The residents followed our lead joining in with every song, tapping their feet, clapping their hands, keeping the rhythm and generally having a lovely time. We even managed to pop some bubbles, beautiful!

I was amazed to later learn that one of the ladies was blind and another 103 years young but my lord that didn’t stop them enjoying themselves. They were shaking their shakers like there was no tomorrow!

Benefits For Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Studies have shown that Singing has amazing effects on the brain and helps particularly with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and triggers the memory, as well as having a calming yet energizing effect. Music Bus visiting this home was a happy time for us all, lifting spirits and giving the elderly fresh, new company whilst forging new relationships in a warm, friendly and happy environment.

And for Me?…

The feeling I had at the end of the session was pure bliss. Seeing the old and young together experience pure, simple fun in one another’s company was just a blessing to watch and be a part of.
My families loved our time there and enjoyed a chat over a cuppa after singing, finding out a little about one another as we chatted to the residents.

Claire mum of Jack 2 and Isla 14 weeks said afterwards,

“We had a really good time at Abbeyfields, sharing our songs with some of the residents there. It was lovely to see the joy that my two children brought to them. I think it’s an invaluable experience to teach my children about supporting those in our community. It was so lovely to be able to give up a little of our time to provide company to others. My son was so excited to tell daddy all about it when he got home from work which shows how much he got from the experience.”


Charlotte mum of Maddie, 2, and Jake 1 said

“Visiting the Residential home was a fantastic idea! Both my children and I enjoyed interacting with the ladies and gentleman there. Jake even had a few cuddles and it was nice to see so many smiles from the old to the young. Can’t wait for our next visit!”


What a Wonderful Time

The icing on the cake was the message I received from Amy, the care home manager, telling me what a wonderful time the residents had and that they hadn’t stopped talking about the children all afternoon.
This was a first for them, Music Bus was the first baby/toddler music group that have visited and they would love us to come back again soon! Thank you Abbeyfield for welcoming Music Bus into your home.

I can’t wait to do it again, and since then we have! We visited another care home last week and took these lovely photos of us having fun together, I can safely say we LOVE it and am so looking forward to our next visit!

Jenny, Music Bus Taunton


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