Single Deckers

Who are the classes for?

Single Deckers classes are designed for children from walking to approximately 31/2 years old. When they reach this age they graduate into the Double Deckers group which takes them through to school age.

What happens in a Single Deckers class?

Single Deckers classes are characteristically lively, interactive and tremendous fun.
Both the children and parents are encouraged to join in with all the activities. Your child will get to participates in role playing, such as visiting the bakers shop to buy a current bun or helping Miss Polly with her Dolly, counting the sausages in the pan on the storyboard, or finding the colours in the rainbow. Percussion time is always a favourite as the children love to choose their own instrument to play and can’t wait to make lots and lots of noise! Packed with anticipation, the children wait expectantly to see who’s in the puppet bag or the musical box today. With rhythm time, musical games, parachute play and theme weeks amongst the activities, your child will enjoy a full and active role in their Music Bus class.

Make new friends

In a group with children of a similar age it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends for you and your child, especially during the coffee break and playtime which follows the music session. This is a great activity to do with your developing child and a very special time to enjoy and treasure.

Age Dedicated Classes

The benefit of joining an age dedicated class means that the songs and activities have been structured specifically for this age group and for their ability. In addition, the musical instruments have been carefully selected to be age appropriate, for example, of the right size and variety, colourful and safe, as well as providing a terrific sound.
Benefits for your child.

music bus with jamie oliver at the big feastival

Benefits of Single Decker Classes

Single Decker classes can help support your child’s speech and language development, numeracy, physical development and social skills as well as giving them confidence and providing amazing fun.

Come and join the fun!

For further details get in touch or search for your nearest class below. Music Bus is expanding rapidly so if you don’t see a class nearby drop us a line and we’ll let you know when we open in your area. If you’re looking for a great business opportunity that fits in with your family you can even start your own Music Bus classes locally.

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