Baby Music Cafe

Who is Music Bus Baby Music Café™ for?

The Baby Music Café™ is aimed at parents and new borns to 6 months old. Music Bus Baby Music Café™ has been specially developed to allow parents of very young babies the opportunity to meet with other new mums and dads in an informal “drop in” environment for a relaxing cuppa (& delicious cake or biscuits!!) but with the added bonus of a mini music session to introduce your baby to the delights of music and to give you a special 121 activity with your baby.

What happens at Baby Music Café™?

First of all we drink tea and coffee and chat! The idea behind Music Bus Baby Music Café™ is primarily to encourage mums and dads to get together with their new babies and have some fun hence the emphasis on “Café”. During the last 15 minutes or so we have a “mini music” session which features all our popular Music Bus things, storyboard, puppets, instruments etc but scaled down for our little ones to enjoy!

The benefits for parent and baby

The Music Bus Baby Music Café™ was developed specifically to give parents and babies alike a gentle introduction to music. At Music Bus we believe you can never start singing with your baby too early. Right from birth your baby is soaking up information like a sponge and the stimulation that music, and singing in particular, provides has significant long term affects. Child development experts agree that the first six months of a babies life shapes their future development and at Music Bus we like to think we can help you do the best for your baby.

Added benefits for parents and babies

Occasionally we arrange for other specialists and visitors to pop in and see us. Recent examples include health visitors, baby massage, baby signing and baby yoga.

music bus with jamie oliver at the big feastival

Do I need to book Baby Music Café™ in advance?

As parents ourselves we know that looking after a very young baby can sometimes be unpredictable, late or restless nights and irregular sleeping patterns means that it’s not always possible to commit to a regular weekly slot which is why we run Baby Music Café™ as a drop in activity.

Come and join the fun!

For further details get in touch or search for your nearest class below. Music Bus is expanding rapidly so if you don’t see a class nearby drop us a line and we’ll let you know when we open in your area. If you’re looking for a great business opportunity that fits in with your family you can even start your own Music Bus classes locally.

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