Are you looking for a change of direction, on maternity leave, or have a child starting nursery/ school in September?

If you’re at this stage, what’s next for YOU?

Had enough of the classroom perhaps, or looking for that return to work after children?

You want flexibility and a satisfying job you’ll find rewarding, one that makes you happy and gives you the freedom to do what you enjoy the most!

Let’s add working locally with no long commute, being able to do those daily nursery or school runs, taking inset days and school holidays off, and even taking your baby to work with you, will you ever find that perfect opportunity?

Have you thought about running your own baby and toddler music business?

You can have all of these requirements  ☑️ plus you can even take your little one to work with you! You get to choose your own working days and hours, how much or little you work meaning you can build your business when you’re ready. You’re given all the equipment, training, expertise, tools and ongoing support from a popular national brand that’s been established for 23 years, plus you get to work on your door step! Anything else? Oh, friendly on hand peer support from others just like you!

Does this satisfy what you’re looking for? 🙋🏻‍♀️

How about grabbing that cuppa, a comfy chair and having a read of the Music Bus franchise, designed around you, it could just be what you’re looking for

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