What do our Franchisees enjoy most about their Business? Let’s find out….

7 Things You’ll LOVE about a Music Bus Franchise 

1. A Flexible Business where you’re the Boss

The Number 1 reason we heard from franchisees, and why so many joined us in the first place, was the flexibility. You get to work when you want, choose your own hours, decide if you want to work school holidays, you’re there after school and can do the school runs. If your children are sick you’re able to take time off and even go on that school trip!

So many jobs sadly don’t give you this freedom and you end up making sacrifices. Those sacrifices can add up and make you unhappy, after all, your children are only small once so why miss out when you don’t have to!

2. A Satisfying Career you LOVE!

It makes You Happy, you’re not stuck in an office behind a computer all day.
Whatever kind of day you’re having, even if you start off stressed getting everyone ready and off to school, you step into your role as music leader, have fun, sing, dance, share a cuppa and chat with the mums and cuddles from their little ones, it immediately changes your mood for the better, how many other jobs do this? Singing really does make you happy and gets those endorphins flowingJ

“Singing, dancing, making music and having fun with children and their parents is FUN not WORK, yet it’s what I do and love, how lucky am I?” Sally, franchisee

3. Financially Rewarding

Running your own sessions, the more classes you run the more profit you earn, simple.You’re in charge of your earnings, if you want to earn more you simply add more classes, parties, events and nurseries. It’s you who decides whether to work full or part time. Music Bus don’t charge you a percentage of your earnings every month either but have a very fair low fixed monthly fee so that you know at the outset how much you’ll be paying for the year, there’s no nasty surprises in store. Run more classes earn more profit, it’s all for you!

As franchisee you can take your child to work with you if you want, saving you money on expensive childcare fees! Your audience are mums, just like you. With the unique format of the class, the social time means you can be with your child too.

4. Making People HAPPY

Working with children having fun, playing instruments, dancing, teaching songs with the big storyboard and puppets, seeing the children smile and laugh and the look on their parents’ face, you can visibly see the joy you’re bringing, wonderful!

5. Supporting Other Mums with Classes that are Different!

The unique class format means you get to support other mums. Following the music is the social time for parents to enjoy a hot cuppa, meet and chat to other parents (mainly mums) and make new friends. The power of the many friendships you see made in class often last over time, how good is that, both for the mums and you! This class format appeals alot to mums and is another reason why they bring their child to you at Music Bus, you’re different which is brilliant.

6. Work Locally

With no long commute to work, you can drop your children off at school and nursery first and be at your venue with time to set up and ready when your families arrive. Less stress, more time and more profit, perfect!

7. Play an Active Role in a Child’s Early Development and Learning 

You teach the children so much; from helping their speech development through songs, maths skills with early counting, coordination, movement and spacial awareness, to working in a team, listening skills and taking turns. You teach children so many valuable skills and all whilst you’re having fun together!

There’s many more benefits from a Music Bus Franchise such as 1-2-1 support every step of the way and the friendship and support from a friendly team.

Can you picture yourself as a Music Bus Franchisee? 

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