Are you Fed Up with your Job, on Maternity Leave, or simply after a change of direction?

I totally understand where you’re at, this was me some years back with two young daughters.

Perhaps you’re on maternity leave with a lovely new baby and really don’t want to go back to your old job, if only there was a more family friendly alternative that meant you could spend more time with your growing family!

Sound familiar?

Perhaps you’re fed up with your job and really wish you could do something more in tune with where you’re currently at, a mum with little ones who adore and need you!

Or, maybe you’re a teacher or work in early years and love teaching but not the growing form filling, reporting, and politics that go with the job, if only you could spend more time with the kids, after all that’s why you started teaching and that’s what you love. 

So What’s the Alternative?

What would you say to a truly flexible job which meant you could choose the days you worked, work around your children and family life, no working school holidays, being there for them at home when they need you, and being your own boss?

Does that sound better?

I thought so, take a look at our short video.


 The Music Bus Answer

 At Music Bus we understand you.

Having started my business as a mum,19 years ago, I’ve proved our franchise works for Mums like You, it worked for Me and three children later, it’ll work for YOU too,

Some of our franchisees have been with us for over 10 years running a successful business hand in hand with watching their children grow up and being there for them.

“It suits me really well at this stage in my life, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing”, Hannah, Franchisee Sussex, celebrated 10 years last Autumn

Hear what some of our Franchisees have to say in this short video on youtube.

What Backgrounds do Franchisees Come From?

Women have joined us from all walks of life with this common goal in mind – to be there for your family whilst also doing something you love in your business.

Our franchisees backgrounds include teaching, local government, hospitality, marketing, musicians, nursing, and retail, for example.

Meet Maggie who worked as a secondary school teacher before joining us –

























Meet Paola who worked in Early Years in South London –













Join an Exciting Time with a Growing Brand

It’s an exciting time right now.

Music Bus is in demand and we need more franchisees across the UK in order to meet this demand.

Over the last year our team of Franchisees has grown considerably as we’ve seen expansion into many new counties including along the south coast from Sussex into Hampshire, west to Somerset and Devon, east to London and Essex, before travelling north into the Midlands and eventually to Aberdeen in Scotland.

High Demand for Classes

We receive a steady flow of enquiries for our recognised Parent and Child classes, Nursery Classes, Parties and Events, some of which we have to turn down as we don’t have a franchisee close enough. We therefore need more Franchisees in other to satisfy this increasing demand.

Take a look at a Class –

Hear what some Mums say about us….


Well Established brand 19 Years Old

In April Music Bus will be 19 years old, and will celebrate having made music with thousands of children, their families, Nurseries, and many groups and organisations across the country.

Our Passion!

We’re passionate about music and singing and all the fun and benefits children gain from joining in with music at an early age. Nurseries recognise that we satisfy all the early years learning goals, and families soon feel the benefit and enjoyment that comes from being part of their local Music Bus group

If you’re ready for a change of direction, on maternity leave, or looking for a more child friendly alternative, why not get in touch and find out more, this could just be the new start you’re looking for!

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