Music Bus mum and baby

At Music Bus we’re passionate about babies and toddlers learning through having fun with music. We understand how important the first 3 years are in shaping a child’s life and the crucial part music plays in the early development of babies and toddlers.

Research has highlighted the important benefits to be gained through an early active involvement with music and singing which has been embraced by the UK government’s Early Years curriculum for pre school children. Studies have shown that active music making helps children develop their speech, vocabulary and language skills.

Singing Nursery Rhymes acts as a ‘precursor’ to speech’

Sally Goddard Blythe, consultant in neuro-developmental education and director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology say’s that “singing nursery rhymes acts as a ‘precursor’ to speech”.
She believes that parents should sing to their children every day in order to avoid language problems developing in later life, and that the emphasis in those early years is placed too heavily on reading, writing and numeracy, and not enough on the benefits of singing.

Create a stimulating learning environment for your child

In her latest research featured in today’s The Telegraph, Dr Liz Kirk emphasised the importance of a ‘stimulating’ home environment for a child.
At Music Bus we believe it is crucial to provide a stimulating, interactive and encouraging environment for children to develop through having fun with music and singing. We want to help to give a child the best possible start in life and engaging in music and singing in this way can help develop a child’s speech and language and confidence, in particular, enhancing their communication skills for when they start school and in later life.
This is why Music Bus classes have a very clear focus on singing and musical activities, followed by a valuable social time for parents and children to chat, play and make new friends over a cup of tea or juice and a biscuit.
Our passion is clear as we strive to help parents and their children embrace fully the joy and benefits they experience from singing and active music making.
We also try to avoid distracting them with additional activities to master, such as baby signing. As parents, we believe it’s important to have fun together in a loving and nurturing environment which we try to encourage for our families, we don’t want to put parents under any pressure to learn other skills in their class, but to enjoy this precious bonding time together.

Children learn by ‘doing’

With the emphasis placed on ‘doing’, we believe children experience music and songs best through interaction where they connect with music using their senses; listening, copying, moving to and feeling the music. By engaging with music in this way, their learning opportunities open up to develop speech and language skills, numeracy, co ordination, listening and social skills, and confidence.
Learning happens naturally if a child is having fun and not even thinking about the learning. A child will naturally engage with an activity if they are stimulated and interested, and that’s where you can enhance your child’s learning by introducing puppets, musical instruments and colourful and creative yet simple props at home.

Song words and resources for parents at home

The Music Bus website has undergone a complete overhaul to provide resources for families to access at home so that they can enjoy unlimited access to our songbank, music, and ideas, and enjoy singing and music time in the comfort of their own home environment supported by engaging activities to do with their child. You can access the new resource and songword pages here. Have fun!