Nursery Music Class in a Box™

Brand new, the Nursery Music Class in a Box™ is designed to make life easier for nursery staff and early years settings. With 17 years experience providing first class music sessions for 0-5 year olds, we’ve gained considerable experience, knowledge and insight and are confident that the Nursery Music Class in a Box™ will provide you with an excellent asset, adding to your nursery provision whilst also saving you time, hassle and money.

What’s included?

The Nursery Music Class in a Box™ provides you with the complete set of equipment and training package to enable you and your staff to deliver first class music sessions in a fun and stimulating environment.

It includes –

  • full set of musical instruments
  • colourful and exciting range of props
  • collection of lovable puppets
  • big Music Bus storyboard and artwork
  • complete A-Z Music Bus Songbook
  • all the lesson plans you need for the year
  • professionally recorded extensive collection of Music Bus songs and music for use with the lesson plans
  • training video explaining how to use it
  • invitation to attend a full days training course
  • optional membership of the private Music Bus Facebook group where you can ask questions, swop ideas and share experiences with others and Music Bus HQ
  • added option of regular ongoing training and support for your staff.


Music Bus Kids Music Biz in a Box

Provide the very Best Music Sessions

The Nursery Music Class in a Box™ is the unique new way to guarantee your nursery setting provides the very best music sessions for the children in your care.



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I look forward to speaking to you.