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Music Bus Nursery Classes

Music Bus Nursery Classes are exciting, fun and educational. We’re passionate about making music with children and getting them singing and moving, and, making your job easier!
Music Bus Nursery Classes are designed to work in conjunction with your setting, to reinforce your curriculum, inspire your staff and engage and benefit your children.
Our professional class leaders understand what stimulates children and how they learn, and the profound impact active music making can have on their development. We deliver new and fresh ideas for music making in a friendly and interactive environment

Age dedicated Music Classes

Our classes have been professionally developed to take children on a musical journey starting from birth right through to when they leave nursery for school. To ensure both your children and you get the very best from a class we run age dedicated classes which we can tailor according to your requirements:

  • Mini Bus – up to 18/24 months
  • Single Deckers – continuing up to 3-3½
  • Double Deckers – continuing up to 5 years

How frequent are classes?

We provide classes on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on your requirements, so please contact us for an informal chat.
Currently all the classes we run for our existing settings are weekly, thereby providing them with the full benefits a regular session gives enabling children’s learning and providing a regular feature for the nursery.

Benefits for your Nursery

Through providing Music Bus classes we are able to share our wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in Early Years Music with you and add extra value to your setting.

Here are some of the main features you can benefit from:

  1. Saves you time, effort and money. Leaves you and your staff free, no planning necessary, and you don’t need to invest in a wide range of equipment, we bring ours.
  2. Leave your music provision to us, we’re trained and experienced Early Years Music Leaders
  3. Your nursery teachers join in and learn new songs and fresh ideas to continue when we’ve gone.
  4. Adds value to your nursery provision; include Music Bus in your offer to new prospective families.
  5. Satisfies Early Years Goals helping to make your job easier.
  6. Supports Nursery and Parent relationship; we can provide musical activities  and access to our songbank to share with you and your children’s families at home
  7. Your children benefit from our progressive programme which helps crucial early learning, as well as great fun!
  8. We can help you plan and prepare for your Christmas play or concert, open days, parties and other special events.

We’re confident we can help you to achieve these benefits for your setting but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what nursery owners and managers have to say…

“Our children love Music Bus! They really enjoy the instruments and the musical box especially. The children join in with all the actions when we sing them during the day. We enjoy the variety of activities during the session – songs, dancing, instruments, puppets, scarves, and the children really listen and respond well to Julie. It gives the children something regular and exciting to look forward to. It’s also something extra curricular to tell new prospective parents.”
Becky Harding, Robins Nest Nursery Baby Unit, Haywards Heath
Music Bus classes give our children confidence at singing in a group, and helps to contribute to their speech development, numeracy and colours. The sessions create a nice and friendly atmosphere and we are also able to collect lots of observations on the children.”
Buttercup Barn Nursery, Cranbrook Group
“The children love Music Bus. The musical instruments and the routine are particular favourites. They love to see someone new coming in, all the children love Sally. It gives us ideas for new songs and a different talking point afterwards. The best 2 things about Music Bus are the staff’s enthusiasm and kindness to the children. Parents enjoy hearing about Music Bus and it gives us a different selling point when showing ‘new parents’ around the nursery.”
Jenny Hyde, Owner Robins Nest Nursery, Haywards Heath

For further information about classes please call 07943 864278 or email 

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