Meet the Team

Helen Turner – Founder

Hi, I’m Helen, mum to three lovely girls and founder of Music Bus. 17 years ago, in 1999, I opened the doors to my first children’s music classes in Cuckfield, West Sussex.

Passionate about children, music and singing, I wanted to encourage parents and children everywhere to indulge and enjoy the wonderful feelings and benefits singing and making music together brings. I’m passionate for children to have fun learning through music and the huge impact this has on their development and wellbeing. That’s what led me to set up my first classes and it’s what still drives me today; to bring music and singing to young families everywhere.

You can read more about Helen HERE.

Hannah Batten – Horsham and District

Hannah first joined the team in 2006 as a class assistant before becoming the very first Music Bus Licensee taking on the Horsham and district area in 2007.

Hannah and here team run regular weekly parent and child classes in 5 locations across the area as well as providing music sessions in local nurseries. She’s also something of a local celebrity, a regular entrant (and winner) with her amazing Music Bus team in the annual Horsham Pancake Races.

You can read more about Hannah HERE.

Maggie Kelly – Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill

I am very excited to be joining Music Bus because music has been a pivotal part of my whole life. From singing on a cruise ship in Italian, to playing violin aged 13 in Germany on my first ever trip abroad and more recently performing opera to my Dad as a surprise, after secretly taking up lessons.

I am a mum of two teenagers, Charlie and Alice – both in sixth form. I was lucky enough to be a full time mother when they were very young, so I know how rewarding, and at the same time tough, that role is!

You can read more about Maggie HERE.

Paola Caballero – Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Fulham

Hi, my name’s Paola and I’m mum to Benjamin who’s 3 years old.

I joined Music Bus a few months ago and am very excited to be opening the very first Music Bus classes in London. I’ve been busy running taster sessions locally and getting ready to start my first weekly classes in the new Autumn term.

I live in Wimbledon and before joining Music Bus was Nursery Manager for a local nursery in Fulham for seven years where I had the opportunity to work with children from 0- 5 years offering Music and the Arts on top of the EYFS curriculum.

You can read more about Paola HERE.

Jenny Rudge – Taunton and West Somerset

Hi I’m Jenny, partner to Gary and mum of 3 amazing children who like to keep me on my toes!

Following 20 years working in the hospitality business I wanted a change. As a mum to my 3 children I’ve always loved singing and music and enjoyed many good times singing in parent groups and at home and have always believed that music is a key learning tool for pre schoolers and important in a child’s early development.

You can read more about Jenny HERE.

Kayleigh Munroe – Worthing and Littlehampton

Hi, my name is Kayleigh, I’m married to Steve and a very proud Mummy to Freddie who’s one year old.  We live in Littlehampton, having moved here from Surrey in 2016.

I have joined Music Bus as the Licensee for Worthing, Littlehampton and district. Before joining Music Bus I worked in Surrey as an Account Manager for enterprise-sized businesses but after having Freddie I didn’t want to return to my previous job where I worked Monday-Friday with a long commute; I wanted a new challenge that I could enjoy whilst working around my family.

You can read more about Kayleigh HERE.

Jan Carrington – Aberdeen

Hi, my name is Jan Carrington and I am mum to Eve who is 1 year old.

I joined Music Bus in September 2017 and I am excited to be opening the first Music Bus classes in Aberdeen starting this November.

I have been working as a primary school teacher for the past 8 years, mainly in the early years and nursery setting. I absolutely love working with children and I have a passion for singing and music. Joining Music Bus will allow me to carry on doing what I love, which is educating children through music and play and still have lots of time with my daughter.

You can read more about Jan HERE.

Carly Palmer –  Wolverhampton

Hi everyone! I’m Carly, bubbly mum of two. I joined Music Bus in November 2017 with classes starting in February 2018.

I used to help run a local baby and toddler group alongside working shifts as a receptionist at a hotel. Helping at the baby and toddler group was what I looked forward to each week. I just loved to help putting smiles on the children’s faces during class. When I came across Music Bus I knew this was going to be my new home. I can’t wait to meet all the parents and children to laugh, learn, play and make memories alongside them in my own classes.

You can read more about Carly HERE.


Sarah Smith –  Chichester and Bognor Regis

Sarah lives in Bognor with her husband, daughter and 2 huskies and loves fresh air and lots of sunshine!

She has an extensive background in music studying to postgraduate level. Sarah’s music training started at the age of 4, learning the violin and piano. Her studies eventually ended up at The Purcell School of music and eventually Royal Academy of Music. She also studied at City and Middlesex University. During her studies she played some major concert venues with world renowned artists as well as emerging artists within fringe animation, pop, ambient, pop and jazz.

You can read more about Sarah HERE.