Training Agenda

Early Years Music Training

Music Bus have been teaching children’s music classes for 17 years and providing practical music training workshops for 9 years. From full day, half day, and evening workshops they are relevant to practitioners working with babies, toddlers and young children. Music Bus workshops are designed to inspire you and give you the confidence and fresh material to deliver exciting music sessions!
Music Bus run workshops at various venues, as well as bespoke training, please get in touch for details.

Here are the courses currently available –

Singing and music sessions for children under 5 years

Be a confident music leader and deliver exciting, inspiring and fun music sessions for the under 5’s
Topics include:

  • Develop confidence skills to lead stimulating music sessions
  • We’ll show you how to get everyone joining in and singing
  • Use props and puppets to communicate, encourage and stimulate
  • Framework and planning for your music sessions
  • Instrumental and percussion skills, and the learning behind the playing
  • Making your own songs and music
  • Keeping it fresh and exciting, learn new songs and ideas to implement in your own setting
  • Satisfying the EYFS goals

Make learning fun with puppets and props

Presentation matters! Learn to deliver visually exciting sessions and stimulate learning across the curriculum
Topics include:

  • Learn to introduce key musical skills by using puppets and props
  • Explore ways to deliver visual and sensory sessions that are fun, stimulating and engaging!
  • Cross-curricular activities using puppets, props and storyboards
  • Meet some of the key puppets available and how best to use them
  • Learn how to use new props in exciting and imaginative ways
  • Discover adventures using a Storyboard
  • Create your own ideas for your setting with selected resources
  • Satisfying the EYFS curriculum through using puppets and props

Young babies sing and make music

This early developmental stage requires a very different approach to teaching music to an an older child. Learn new skills to use with young babies, creating a happy learning experience. This course is dedicated for use with babies from birth to 1 year.
Topics include:

  • Baby’s brain
  • Framework and planning for baby music sessions
  • Dedicated action songs and rhymes
  • The varied groups of songs and activities to feature and why
  • Babies and musical instruments
  • Choosing props and puppets babies respond to
  • Musical activities and baby games to play
  • Fresh, new ideas to inspire you and baby
  • Satisfying the EYFS goals

Action songs and rhymes

Children instinctively enjoy matching actions to songs. Learn the critical role of action songs, how best to use them and explore new material to use in your setting.
Topics include:

  • An outline of the different groups of action songs and their importance to child development
  • Selecting age appropriate action songs
  • Exploring and teaching these songs and rhymes
  • The effective use of props and puppets with action songs
  • Learning new songs
  • Traditional and Contemporary Action Songs and Rhymes
  • English, European and action songs from Around the World
  • The cross curricular benefits of action songs and rhymes
  • Satisfying the EYFS goals

Communication and Language

Support your children’s communication skills and language development through music and singing
Topics include:

  • Letters and sounds
  • Developing listening and speaking skills
  • Ideas for rhythm time
  • Role of Percussion playing in communication and language
  • Action songs for speech and language development
  • Stories and role-play
  • Puppets and props to support communication skills
  • Music and movement activities
  • Satisfying the EYFS goals

Get Active!

Encourage your children’s physical development and well being through singing and music making
Topics include:

  • Developing co ordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Practising fine motor skills
  • Creating a fun and happy learning environment
  • Music and movement games
  • Action songs for active kids
  • Music and dance
  • Puppets and props for fun and games, including parachute play and ball games
  • Rhythm games
  • Musical instruments and physical development
  • Satisfying the EYFS goals

For further details including course dates and costs please call Helen on 07943 864278 or email