Helen Turner

Hi, I’m Helen, mum to three lovely girls and founder of Music Bus. 17 years ago, in 1999, I opened the doors to my first children’s music classes in Cuckfield, West Sussex.

Passionate about children, music and singing, I wanted to encourage parents and children everywhere to indulge and enjoy the wonderful feelings and benefits singing and making music together brings. I’m passionate for children to have fun learning through music and the huge impact this has on their development and wellbeing. That’s what led me to set up my first classes and it’s what still drives me today; to bring music and singing to young families everywhere.

In addition to this, running my music classes gave me the perfect way to combine work and family life whilst also doing something I love, and I’m so happy to have been able to extend this opportunity to other parents through developing the Music Bus License.

Over the years I have  built Music Bus into a strong family brand known for providing exciting and lively music classes, looking after mums, and for providing a work-family solution for many mums too! From one village in Sussex, Music Bus has gone on to teach thousands of children and build strong relationships with nurseries, schools, communities and parenting groups, is featured at UK festivals, celebrities parties, and on local radio. I’m pleased to say we have taught thousands of happy children, happy mums and dads, nursery settings and schools, and have provided many mums with a family friendly business of their own.

Music Bus has Licensees running classes in many areas of the UK as well as in Paris and New Jersey and I’m keen to offer our classes to more families and our business opportunity to more mums and therefore am interested to hear from people who would like to find out more about joining our team.