Double Deckers

Who are the classes for?

Double Deckers classes are for children aged 3 to 5.

What happens in a Double Deckers class?

Double Deckers is a lively music and movement class for pre school children. The children start to learn more complex songs and rhythms and begin to appreciate the variation of different sounds and instruments as well as becoming adept  at movement and expression. Double Decker classes are lively, interactive and tremendous fun.

Lots of fun activities for preschool children

Activities include listening and sound games, rhythmn games, echo songs, more complicated musical games such as In and Out the Dusty Bluebells, BINGO, circle songs, and listening and playing to different genres of music. Children practise many key skills which support their development and help to get them ready for school life. For instance, taking it in turns, sharing, being part of a team, joining in, listening and following instruction, as well as helping with literacy, maths, physical development and learning about their environment.

Mums get a break

Children have fun in Double Decker classes with their peers and parents or carers get the opportunity to sit and chill over a cup of tea or coffee. In a group with children of a similar age it’s a great opportunity for parents to meet up and make friendships that often continue into school years.

Benefits of Double Decker Classes

Double Decker classes really start to stretch the children’s imaginations and capabilities. The classes are often smaller with the teacher working closely with the children. Children get to exercise their brains as well as their bodies in a Double Deckers class with number songs and more demanding language skills. Double Deckers prepares children for the rigours of school and sits nicely with reception and year 1 curriculum.
Come for a ride on a musical journey!