Yvette Hollister

Hi, My name is Yvette Hollister, I’m a mum to William and Lowri. I joined Music Bus in 2015 and run classes in North Cardiff.

I have been a primary school teacher for 15 years, teaching reception to year 6 in both England and Wales. Having done a degree in music and being involved in school music, as well as privately teaching piano, I was keen to find something that incorporated my skills, and Music Bus fitted perfectly.

Starting my Music Bus business has meant that I can be around for my children as they grow up. It’s important to me that I can take them to school and be there at pick-up (even though there’s often sibling strife between two tired children after a long day at school!) I had also benefitted from going to classes when my children were young, and was keen to provide something a bit different that other parents/carers could share with their children.

The thing I enjoy most about my business is seeing the children each week and how much they enjoy their class. During the social time, seeing the parents make new friends is very rewarding and a part of the classes I love. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Getting the business up and running was exciting and daunting! Helen and Mike were fantastic right through from the initial phone call, on the training days and then being around for on going questions! They were very approachable and easy to contact, making the whole process run smoothly.

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