Sarah Smith

Sarah has an extensive background in music studying to postgraduate level. Sarah’s music training started at the age of 4, learning the violin and piano. Her studies eventually ended up at The Purcell School of music and eventually Royal Academy of Music. She also studied at City and Middlesex University. During her studies she played some major concert venues with world renowned artists as well as emerging artists within fringe animation, pop, ambient, pop and jazz. Moving back to Sussex she continued her collaborative work in the fringe aspect of ambient music. A highlight of this was working with Phil Hartnol (orbital) and Nick Jones script written by Irwin Welsh especially for the Brighton fringe festival. She currently plays in an indie/folk band that plays pubs and festivals along the south coast such as Victorious, Wickham, Arundel and Southdown festivals. She currently teaches violin privately from home to anyone, no matter how old or young, who has a passion to learn, whatever the genre.

She lives in Bognor with her husband, daughter and 2 huskies and loves fresh air and lots of sunshine!

See HERE for details of classes.