Paola Caballero

Hi, my name’s Paola and I’m mum to Benjamin who’s 3 years old.

I joined Music Bus a few months ago and am very excited to be opening the very first Music Bus classes in London. I’ve been busy running taster sessions locally and getting ready to start my first weekly classes in the new Autumn term.

I live in Wimbledon and before joining Music Bus used my BA in Artistic Education in my role as Nursery Manager for a local nursery in Fulham for seven years where I had the opportunity to work with children from 0- 5 years offering Music and the Arts on top of the EYFS curriculum.

As a child I loved singing, and learnt to play the guitar and always attended music related activities. It helped me realise how music and dance can support children to fulfil their inner potential in every aspect meanwhile constantly having a large smile on their faces.

For me, joining Music Bus means that I’ll have the opportunity to spend more time with Benjamin, enjoy flexible working hours and the freedom to express my way of helping to educate children through music.

My mind was blown away after having the opportunity to spend time with Helen and Mike recently for training, they have a fantastic team and great energy and I can’t wait to start my new adventure, London get ready Music Bus is ready to rock!

See HERE for details of classes.