Maggie Kelly

I am very excited to be joining Music Bus because music has been a pivotal part of my whole life. From singing on a cruise ship in Italian, to playing violin aged 13 in Germany on my first ever trip abroad and more recently performing opera to my Dad as a surprise, after secretly taking up lessons.

I am a mum of two teenagers, Charlie and Alice – both in sixth form. I was lucky enough to be a full time mother when they were very young, so I know how rewarding, and at the same time tough, that role is!

Prior to motherhood, in the 1990’s, I worked as the Picture Editor of Smash Hits Magazine and as Zig and Zag’s producer on the Big Breakfast. Subsequently, if I ever get to play ‘two truths and a lie’, I can say I have spent the weekend in New York with two aliens and Michael J Fox, and I once persuaded Take That to pull faces for a cover photoshoot. Truth or lie – you decide!

When my children started school, I went back to work part time as a Teaching Assistant and later as an Account Manager for Child Safe Zones. As Charlie and Alice grew older, I qualified as a primary school teacher and had three great years in schools. However, the call of the family beckoned and I left the classroom to spend more time with my children. Yes, teenagers still need their mum.

Hobbies: singing in church choir, book club, gardening, swimming, theatre and fresh air.

The Music Bus model/ brand/ magic/ works for me as a mum because I understand parenthood and the holistic value of all preschool experience. Having relocated to Scotland when my children were little, I had to build a social life through toddler classes and activities. I’ll never forget the feeling walking into those for the first time as a stranger. My teaching background brings an understanding of how brilliantly Music Bus’s multisensory approach supports early year’s development, which can also lead to a head start with speaking, listening and later phonics in school.

I’m delighted to be the Mid Sussex face of Music Bus and look forward to welcoming you to a class, entertaining at a birthday party or visiting your preschool group soon.

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