Jan Carrington

Hi, my name is Jan Carrington and I am mum to Eve who is 1 year old.

I joined Music Bus in September 2017 and I am excited to be opening the first Music Bus classes in Aberdeen starting this November.

I have been working as a primary school teacher for the past 8 years, mainly in the early years and nursery setting. I absolutely love working with children and I have a passion for singing and music.

I have attended lots of different classes with my daughter and we particularly enjoyed music classes. This then led me to Music Bus.

Joining Music Bus will allow me to carry on doing what I love, which is educating children through music and play and still have lots of time with my daughter. Since joining, Helen and Mike have been fantastic at getting me up and running. They have a great team around them and I can’t wait to get my classes started!

See HERE for details of classes.