Carly Palmer

Hi everyone! I’m Carly, bubbly mum of two. I joined Music Bus in November 2017 with classes starting in February 2018.

I used to help run a local baby and toddler group alongside working shifts as a receptionist at a hotel. Helping at the baby and toddler group was what I looked forward to each week. I just loved to help putting smiles on the children’s faces during class. When I came across Music Bus I knew this was going to be my new home. I can’t wait to meet all the parents and children to laugh, learn, play and make memories alongside them in my own classes.

Since joining Music Bus, Helen and Mike have been fantastic and have helped guide me through every stage of setting up my business. They really know what they are talking about with years of experience behind them, making me feel secure and confident being part of Music Bus.

See HERE for details of classes.