1. We’re here for the BOTH of you. Our classes have dual goals; we aim to provide an enriching experience for the both of you, that means you too and not only your child. That’s why our classes have their unique structure featuring both music workshop and the all important social time where you get to socialise, share experiences and forge new friendships.


2. We’re friendly! Known as one of the friendliest and most welcoming groups around you’ll find it easy to settle in, have fun together and make lots of new friends. We make sure you’re happy and introduce you to other like- minded parents and their children and help you and your child to feel at home


3. Everyone’s welcome, whether it’s mum, dad, grandparent or childminder bringing your little one to class, you’ll all be made to feel valued and an important member of your group.
















4.    You’ll be pleased to hear that most of the songs we feature are traditional and familiar songs and nursery rhymes which means that you and your child are able to join in from the start and get as much out of the session as possible, rather than not knowing the songs and being unable to join in. We support you with an A-Z Song bank of our songs for you to download.

5. Music Bus Classes are an hour long, with a half hour music workshop followed by half hour social time. We could have made them shorter and run more classes but we feel it’s important to give you time, for both of you, and appreciate you don’t want to be rushed in and out, so the next class can come in.

6. We understand children and what makes them tick and that’s why we aim to offer age dedicated classes. This way your child gains the maximum benefit from their time with us as well as learning and having fun with other children of a similar age.







7. We limit our class numbers and close the class to newcomers when we’re full, adding additional families to our waiting list. This means we can focus on your child and give them the maximum benefit from the session.


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