I was recently asked what the most rewarding thing was about running Music Bus classes, that was easy, bringing a smile to everyone’s face and making them happy, simple.

If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy your job you’re lucky, I know too many people who are constantly complaining about the pressure or niggles they face at work and how lovely it would be to have a fresh start and do something they love.

Be Happy!

When I stop and think about it how can I not be happy?….

’Working’ with children everyday having fun, singing, playing instruments, dancing, teaching songs with a big storyboard, puppets and musical box, how can this really be called work? I feel fraudulent, we’re all having far too much fun together to call it work, just take a look at the children around me smiling and laughing and watch those infectious smiles creep onto mum’s and dad’s face as they join in with their little ones. It’s such a precious and happy time and I count myself privileged to share these moments with them and be part of their lives.



Enjoy them whilst they’re young, it goes too quick’

When my children were little I remember other mums forever saying to me –

‘enjoy them whilst they’re young, it goes too quick’

and I thought if I hear that phrase one more time I’ll scream! But guess what, I hate to echo their words they were, hmm… right. You get so busy caught up getting through each day and then the week then it’s the next month and lo and behold what’s happened when you weren’t looking, your tiny new baby is crawling and sitting up. Then what, they’re taking their first steps and soon you’re chasing after them like a mad woman with eyes everywhere!

Sound familiar?..Thought so.

At Music Bus our aim is to make you and your little one HAPPY. If we can welcome you into our ‘family’, introduce you to all our lovely Music Bus’ers that we see each week and give both you and your little one a fun and happy time then we’ve achieved our goal.

As one of our mums told us

‘Happy baby equals Happy Mummy’

If you’re happy we’re happy too, end of story.


A Whole New Set of Skills

If, whilst we’re doing all this we can help teach your child a whole new skill set and support them on their developmental path to being a confident child who’s eventually ready to start big school and go out into the world well equipped, then we’re smiling.

Language, communication and social skills are all part of what your child will learn at Music Bus, and they won’t even know they’re doing it! Couple this with the all important personal skills of co-ordination, counting skills, memory, learning to be part of a team, sharing, and following instructions, and they’re a great little human being.



But that’s not all, guess who else is important to us?….YOU are!

At Music Bus we’re there for you too.

We’re there to share with you a happy time and create special moments for you and your child to treasure, strengthening your bond. We’re there to support you as a mother and lend you an ear, giving you time, as well as a hot cuppa, and introduce you to other likeminded mums just like you. The power of the friendships that spring up are invaluable and immeasurable, we witness so many that go on and last through time.


So what’s the most rewarding thing about my job running classes?…

Creating and sharing a happy time with you and your child, it means a lot to me (and our franchisees) as it does to you, so thank you mums, dads and all your little children.

Helen X

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