“I don’t want the first face you see when you wake not to be mine”

“I don’t want you taken to school by someone else”

“I don’t want that someone hearing first about your day”

What do I want?

To be there, to hold and love and nurture you, my baby, my child

To watch you grow

To explore and enjoy the journey together, you and I

Too quickly it passes, it’s gone, wave goodbye

Ever feel like this?…

Do you need to work but want to be there for your children?

It’s hard isn’t it, to find that job that works for you, giving you the balance of family life and work.

That’s exactly how I felt with my three daughters, I didn’t want to miss out on them growing up whilst I was working and that’s why I created Music Bus.

I want you to have the choice too, to spend as much time with your children as you want.

Music Bus meant I could still be with them but also have a rewarding and fun business earning a good income. It was the perfect solution for me, and still is 18 years later, as it is for many more mums around the country who’ve since joined me, facing the same problem and in search of a solution. It lets us work part time if we choose and so be there for our children when they need us.

“I couldn’t think of anything better that I could be doing at this stage of my life”

Hannah, mum of 2 boys and franchisee for 10 years

Music Bus is for Mums, as well as for little ones.

For information about joining Music Bus as a franchisee click here or call Helen on 07943 864278 or email helen@musicbus.com