As a baby or toddler we set your child on the path of their life long musical journey, ready for you to continue when they’re old enough and introduce them to their first musical instrument, their musical journey starts here!

What we do to Help You

We introduce your little one in a fun and active way to some of the basic fundamental principles of music, such as tone, melody, rhythm and pitch. For them, the children are busy having lots of fun playing musical activities, rhythm games, learning songs with the help of lovable puppets and the interactive storyboard and playing a range of percussion instruments. However, whilst all this fun is happening underneath it those children are learning so much more.


Early Learning

Musically they’re learning about the principles of rhythm and how to keep time, they’re introduced to the melody of song, and beginning to identify and follow pitch and hear the tone of the music. This will help their future learning and give them an early understanding of some of the principles they’ll encounter as they progress onto learning their first musical instrument!

HUGE benefits

We’ve taken a look at the start of your child’s musical journey, however as you may already be aware, there are a host of other benefits your little one gains from their active early involvement with music; supporting their understanding of maths, speech and language development, extending their vocabulary, listening skills, aiding their understanding of the world around them, physical co-ordination and development, spacial awareness, confidence building and social skills. 

Never underestimate the power of music and the earlier your child starts the better!

If we can help put you in touch with your local music group please let us know, or if you’d like to find out about joining us and help to introduce more and more young children and their families to the power of music please get in touch.

Contact details:

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