If only your baby could talk to you he would tell you so much! How he’s feeling; what makes him happy or sad, why he’s crying, his likes, dislikes, and so on.

Some ‘experts’ believe they’ve come up with the essential ingredients for the perfect song to make your baby happy, the link’s below so have a listen and tell us what you think, and most importantly, how your baby reacts, we’d really love to know!


Children First

At Music Bus we designed our popular collection of songs and music from your child’s point of view. Working alongside a child psychologist, musicians and parents with their young, we were able to carefully choose and put together our collection of songs to share with families throughout the year.

The songs and music we feature include all the essential ingredients for a ‘happy song’ for your little one. From repetition which your child needs, to a fast and steady tempo, key changes, and a simple rhythm, your child will love to hear and naturally begin to move or play along to each song with you, their favourite person, enjoying it with them.

Take a look at a short clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8r6Fsno3lY  

I’m so Happy!

Whether they’re enjoying a favourite such as the Wheels On the Bus, with all the accompanying actions helping their recall and adding to the fun, or our peek-a-boo song with its element of surprise and change of key, they may not know why it’s fun and makes them laugh and smile, but it does, and that’s what matters.

Musical Journey – Age Dedicated Classes

To aid your child’s enjoyment and learning, our classes are specifically designed for the different developmental stages babies and growing children go through.

Progressive Classes

As your little one begins their musical journey with us they start in the gentle Baby Music Café before progressing into their Mini Bus class followed by Single Deckers for lively toddlers, before graduating into their Double Deckers group for pre schoolers.

At Music Bus we’re keen to provide you and your child with a happy and special time together, to make you both smile and have  fun together with music and song. A good beginning can last a lifetime.


Tell us what your baby thought of this happy song, or what their favourite song is, we’d love to hear from you!

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