We’re not only a music group, fantastic as we are, we’re much more than that! There are lots of benefits for both you and your child when you join your local music group, some obvious others more subtle, so many benefits infact that we’re going to take a look at those for your child today and follow on separately with the HUGE gains for you Mums!


So much your child will learn!

Your child will learn many songs and quickly choose their favourites to sing over and over again (lucky you), they’ll be introduced to different colourful musical activities such as the dance scarves, rhythm time with tapsticks, songs and games with parachute play, and fun with their favourite theme weeks.


Counting, rhythm and sequences

Some of the direct skills that will support your child’s learning from coming to Music Bus, for example, are learning to count, sequences, rhythm, spacial awareness, co ordination and movement, all of these have a much wider context and will help with their maths, language and physical development  later on.

Language development

Through singing songs children learn new words and sentence structure and widen their vocabulary. These are important skills to learn for life and will give them a head start for when they start school.


Subtle Benefits

However, as well as all these important benefits, there’s also the more underlining subtle ones they’ll gain from too.


Team Member

They’ll quickly learn that they’re part of a group and how to be an active team member, whether it’s through helping to hold up the parachute, role playing with the interactive storyboard songs, holding hands for a circle song or choosing an instrument to play.


Taking Turns

As a team member the children take it in turns at various points in a session, such as greeting the puppets and receiving their reward stickers, and at other times join in as a whole group, thereby learning to interact as part of a group and to take it in turns too. They’ll thus learn to share, for example, with the ball song having their go and then rolling it on to the next person (hopefully!)


Listening Skills and Following instructions

Your child will quickly learn to listen and to follow their teacher’s instructions so that they know what to do next. These learning skills are crucial for when they go to school and will help them no end.


Confidence Building!

I saved this one to now as this is a BIG plus for your child when they join in with a music group.

By joining in every week your child should soon settle in with ‘their’ group and feel happy and relaxed as it becomes a familiar environment where they see the same families each week, get to know their teacher, and learn what’s expected of them.

By coming along each week they’ll become more and more confident and happy to join in as they learn new songs and fun actions. They’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with group activities, role play, and to be active and moving around. At Music Bus we feel it’s important for children to ‘feel’ the music and to use their whole bodies which is natural for them to do.

Social Skills

As your child becomes confident they’ll feel happy to begin to socialise and play with other children. They’ll have the opportunity in the social time after the music to play with the toys with their companions, have a snack together and chill as their parents relax and chat over a cup of tea. Soon you’ll find new friendships develop, both for you and your child.

We’ve taken a broad overview of some of the many benefits your child can gain from coming to their regular music class, not forgetting of course nurturing a lifetime love of music.

We hope you’re able to find a local class and get involved. If we can help you in anyway or you have your own experiences to share with other mums reading this, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email me at helen@musicbus.com or give me a call on 07943 864278.

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