Sound familiar?….It does to me.

Your First born

When it’s just you and your first child you want to do everything you can with them. You can’t wait to take them to their first mother and toddler class and show them off, their first swim in the pool or their first music class. You’re a proud mummy and you can’t wait to show the world your wonderful new baby and to experience all these new exciting activities together.

It’s a first for both of you, your first baby and the first time you’re a mum.

Then child number 2 comes along.

You’re so happy! But, life gets harder, a lot harder. You’re trying to juggle two little people who both have their demands of you and you’re split between them, and, doing everything else as well.

It’s a huge shock to you, bigger than you’d imagined. You mean well and want to do everything with child number 2 that you did the first time around but you just can’t, you’re human. Your first child is now getting bigger and doing more which means lots of running around for you, driving here and there for dance or football classes or a play date.

So what happens to your second child?

They end up forever in the back of the car as you drive your first born around to all their activities and waiting with you. Your days are quickly filled up and you have a busy week’s routine to keep to, you soon look back at how easy it was when you just had the one child.

The Guilt!

Soon you feel this heavy guilt come over you that you’re not doing enough with them in their own right, that you’re not being fair to them. But you’re doing your best, you know, and they’re just happy being with you.

Time is precious with them when they’re little, it really doesn’t last long. One thing I remember hearing mums with older children saying to me over and over again was ‘enjoy them whilst they’re young it goes so quickly’

I got so fed up of hearing this, but you know, they were right. Whilst sometimes the days seemed long, the weeks, months and years flew by and those precious times were soon gone.

Capture your precious time together and hold on tight!

One way to capture and cherish your special 121 time with your second, or third child, in what for most of us is otherwise a very busy day, and week, is to join your local music class where you’re welcomed into a friendly and relaxed environment, such as it is with Music Bus. A group where you can spend that special time with your child, one on one, with no interruptions or demands. It helps deepen your bond as you learn and enjoy new and favourite songs, music and activities together in a fun and friendly group with a supportive teacher and likeminded families, who soon become your friends.

If there’s one piece of advise I would want to pass on to other mums with their little ones, I make no apologies for saying what others said to me – 

‘enjoy them whilst they’re young, it goes so quickly’.


Please tell us how you felt when your second or third child was born, we’d love to know.

If we can help put you in touch with your local music group please let us know, or if you’d like to find out about joining the Music Bus Team as a franchisee and help to introduce more and more young children to the power of music take a look here or get in touch 

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