So you’re taking little Alfie or Emily along to your local music group but is it really for them or for you?

My recent blog looked at the many benefits your child gains from their music class but  what about you?…

I’d love to hear how you feel about going along; are you made to feel welcome, do you look forward to it or dread it, is it boring or fun, do you get time to chat to other parents, are the other mums friendly or cliquey, have you made many friends, in short what do you get out of it?  Love to hear, good or bad.

Here’s what some of the mums we spoke to said about their local Music Bus group:

Social structure of the Music Class

At Music Bus we’re here for both of you, you and your child. Yes, you’re bringing your little one along to have fun and learn through their music class but we also feature the very important and not-to-be-underestimated social time which is half an hour long, the same time as the music session because it’s important too!

Some of the benefits I’ve gained personally and other mums have told me include…

Making new Friends

The overriding comment I hear from mums is they’ve made so many new friends. Meeting at this stage in your life when you’re all bound on the same journey of motherhood brings you together and often binds your friendship in a strong and lasting way, I’ve still got friends today that I met 10 or more years ago at Music Bus.

‘Me’ Time

The Social Time after the music session has finished is all about you, your child gains too, but you’re the focus here! Whilst your child is happily playing with the toys, other children, and having a snack you can take advantage of the welcome opportunity to socialise with other parents, relax, focus on you and recharge your battery. You get to have a chat and a hot cuppa before the busyness of the day ahead takes over. You even get some adult conversation, woohoo!

Caring Group

You’re part of something special and you’re important. You’re a welcome member of your group where you matter. People look forward to seeing you every week and want to know what you’ve been up to, and if you’re not there you’re missed. It’s a caring environment where you matter.

Supportive Network

Being part of a group of likeminded people in a similar situation as you is reassuring. I love the way one of our mums described it;

‘It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket’, Alison, mother to Henry told us.

Whether it’s sharing stories, experiences, helping to solve a problem or just listening, an understanding friend lending an ear is so very important.

Special 121 Time

You get to spend that special 121 time with your little one doing an activity you both love, learning new things together and having fun. It’s such a positive message for your child and reinforces your strong bond. In the words of one of our mums:

‘Happy baby equals happy mummy’

At Music Bus we’re here for you so if there’s anything we can do more of or do differently, we’d love to know. In another 18 years from now we still want to be here supporting more and more mums like you with their little ones, so please help us to help you!

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