You want to join a baby and toddler music class, but which baby music group should you join?

Here’s 10 Top Helpful Tips of what to look out for to help you choose

The list is based on my experience as a new mum, as well as second and third time mum, going to various parenting groups, and, from being on the ‘other side’ running baby music classes myself and seeing what it really is that mums and their little one’s need.

1. How interactive and lively is the session? Children learn best when they’re happy and able to ‘feel’ the music through their whole body, children weren’t designed to sit still and be quiet but instinctively want to move, sway, jiggle, and dance from their very early days so it’s important that it’s encouraged and that the session is fun and lively. 

2. Is the teacher friendly and welcoming? I’ve found it makes so much difference if you receive a warm and friendly welcome, especially if you’re a new mum or have recently moved into the area. It’s lovely if they take an interest in you and your child and introduce you to everyone.

3. Does the teacher explain the structure of the session and what’s expected of you? When you’re coming to something for the first time it’s always reassuring to know what lies ahead.         


4. Is there a social time with refreshments where you can chat and meet new parents? When my eldest was a toddler and we joined various activity groups, straight after the activity we put our shoes on and left, there was never the opportunity to chat to other mums and make new friendships, which I always thought was a shame and as a mum I would have loved it. Over the years of running Music Bus classes I’ve realised just how important this time is for mums, so many valuable and long lasting connections are made and mums feel supported and valued.

5. How well organised is the session? Does the class have a child friendly structure with a well thought out varied mix of songs and musical activities, or is it a simple sing-song? You want your class to give you valuable 121 time with your child where you’re having fun together, singing some of your favourite songs and learning some new ones too. The session needs to be the right length of time so that it holds your child’s attention with a sound structure packed full of exciting visual, sensory and audible props and activities such as puppets, storyboard, musical box, parachute play, dance scarves, and more!

6. Is the session aimed at the right level for your child? Try to ensure that you’re joining a class that’s ideally aimed at your child’s developmental stage and ability, this way they’ll get the most out of it. However, sometimes new classes offer a mixed age class at the beginning until they’re able to split the class into age dedicated groups. At Music Bus, for example, the classes are progressive; the children start their musical journey with the gentle Baby Music Café, moving into Mini Bus as a bigger baby, followed by Single Deckers as a toddler, and finishing off with Double Deckers for pre-schoolers.

7. Are the songs familiar ones, or, written specifically for the group that’s running it? If the songs are generally familiar traditional ones it means that you’re immediately able to join in and take an active part in the group and your child may already know some of the songs too. If they’re unfamiliar it becomes that much harder for the both of you.

8. How big is the class? Ideally, you don’t want to join too large a class where your child doesn’t get any attention and it gets very noisy and crowded and harder for your child to join in, they won’t get the most out of it.

9. Does the group offer you, as a parent, support? Both in terms of access to the music outside of class, but also in terms of friendship. By providing a friendly and relaxed environment where you can chat with other mums, share stories, experiences and problems, and generally feel supported your group becomes an important part of your week. By being able to download the songs and music both you and your child can continue the fun you’ve enjoyed in class throughout your week and your child will learn them more quickly.

10. Will you and your child will look forward to going each week?  You want to feel good about going and for your little one to get excited about their class, feel happy when they’re there and for both of you to look forward  to it.

If we can help put you in touch with your local music group let us know, or if you’d like to find out about joining the Music Bus Team as a franchisee and help to introduce more and more young children to the power of music take a look here or get in touch 

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