An article in The Guardian yesterday by Eva Wiseman about the rise of mums-in-business has sparked a great deal of attention, both from those nodding in agreement with her about how employment conditions are unjust, but also from those supporting the notion of becoming a mumpreneur in itself and not merely as a byproduct.

Mums are doing it for themselves…

If ever there was a good time to put your hand up, join forces with others, and become a mumpreneur, it’s now!  

With a reported 54,000 women pushed out of their jobs when they’ve had a baby, they’re forced to become more resourceful!

From this starting point, more and more women have taken up the reigns and created a great opportunity for themselves! It allows you the time and space for creativity that you otherwise wouldn’t have and many women go on to become a new start-up company or choose to follow in the footsteps of a proven path such as taking up a franchise which has been tried, tested and proven successful.

£7.2 billion income from Mums in Business!

So big is the “mum economy” in the UK that in 2015 it was reported to have generated £7.2bn and created 204,000 jobs! Mind blowing figures indeed. A report from Development Economics think tank instructed by ebay, commented that the “mumpreneurs” contribution was “growing at an unprecedented rate”. The same report claims that by 2025 mumpreneurs will have generated £9.5bn for the UK economy and supported an additional 13,000 employees, making the total number of jobs created 217,600. (Data from ONS used). Could this only be the beginning, I think so!

BIG Step Forward…

Becoming self-employed when you’re a mum is a big step and often a difficult one to take, I know, I’ve been there and 17 years later still am! You’ve got your whole family to think of; how it will affect each person and juggling all their needs, it’s a tricky decision. But the affects can be hugely beneficial, in fact if you make the right decision ‘for you at that stage in your life’ it can embrace your role as mum and give you a welcome boost, both financially, emotionally, and socially, fuelling your self-confidence, moral and making you happier and more fulfilled.

My Story….

When I was a mum at home with two small children and my eldest started school, I took the decision to start my own business doing something I was passionate about, singing and children, I started my own children’s music group.
I had never been self employed before so it was a big step for me. This was back in 1999, fortunately, over 17 years later my business is stronger than ever and growing more every year, I’ve even had a third child along the way.

music bus teacher and child with dog puppet




I’ve learnt so much about being in business over the years, let alone delivering exciting children’s music classes and have been in the fortunate position to successfully franchise my business for the past 10 years so that I can support other mums, like me, to take their next BIG Step forward.

Right Time

With the government providing 570 hours per year free childcare and education for 3-4 year olds and some 2 year olds, it makes it the perfect time to put your dream plan into action and make it happen. There’s considerably more child care options available today than ever there was making a mum’s job easier.

Remote working broadens your options

It’s so easy to work remotely too, and liaise with your colleagues and customers online via Facebook, webinars, face time, or on Skype. I use all of these at Music Bus having delivered training for new Licensees in Europe and the States via Skype as well as training for nursery groups, it provides an easy and cost effective solution to what would otherwise be barriers.

Popular Business areas

The most popular business areas mothers are setting up in range from entertainment to retail to management consultancy and care home management, but the sectors are increasing as this category grows and becomes even more significant.

The UK has got it right for mumpreneurs!

It appears that the growth of the mumpreneur revolution is far greater in the UK than in other countries, where women express an interest in becoming an entrepreneur, but the reality of them doing so remains low, about 1 in 4.

Go for it!

So if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and going into business, my advice is to go for it! If it suits you right now as a mum wih family commitments where you need a flexible career, that’s rewarding both financially and personally, during school hours and that you would enjoy and relate to, then go for it.

Fantastic Team…

At Music Bus we have a fantastic team of Licensees running classes in different areas of the country, as well as abroad, all women and all mums. Some have very young children and others children at school, and running a franchise works for them. They choose their own hours and days to work, and can work part or full time, depending on what they want from their business. They get to work locally too, with minimal overheads and meet lots of other mums just like themselves. 

“I love what I do, it suits me so well at this stage in my life”, says Hannah, Music Bus Horsham area

yvette hollister bio

Yvette from Music Bus Cardiff and area

Come and Join the Team

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